“Harry Potter VS Star Wars” Video Goes Viral Instantly

Harry Potter VS Star Wars

The debate between Harry Potter and Star Wars has finally been tested in this ridiculously awesome homemade video. Team Wizard or Team Jedi Knight? Team Magic or Team The Force? Team Wand or Team Lightsaber? After watching this, we all can agree everyone is Team Don’t Touch My Phone Charger.

YouTube user RackaRacka, also known as Danny Phillipou, has described himself as a “wannabe film-maker on a rampage.” His latest upload, “Harry Potter VS Star Wars,”has generated over 2.5 million views in less than 24 hours.It deserves every view.

It may begin like every other “bro playing video games together” video, but less than 20 seconds in this turns into so much more, grabbing your full attention. Hilariously crafted and enjoyable from start to finish. Intense moments mixed with well-placed references, this video will stay viral for the very near future. Special effects are on point. But seriously, is that blood ketchup?

Currently, RackaRacka has 114,850 people who have subscribed to his channel and over 100,000 followers on Facebook. Makes the 53,000 thumbs up on this video seem insignificant, but that will surely grow with each passing hour.

Try not to blink while watching or you might miss something great. Like flying a broomstick into the front door.

[Photo Credit: YouTube]


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