Davenport University Student (Almost) Does A Back Flip At Graduation [Video]

davenport university

Graduation day is a day to celebrate one’s accomplishments. For one student, it was also a day of embarrassment, shame, and injury. Robert Jeffrey Blank attempted to do a back flip after receiving his diploma from Davenport University. It did not go well. 

Blank shook hands with a few of his educators before smiling into the camera, launching himself heels over head, and then crashing down into viral infamy. The recent graduate face planted in front of his peers and became the laughing stock of the school. Of course, he also became a viral star and is now the top trending topic on Facebook.

So… yay? Congratulations Robert Jeffrey Blank for four years (or maybe five or six) of hard work, as well as fifteen minutes of viral fame.

At my graduation, many many years ago, our speaker talked about the mark we had left on our school and the mark we would leave at the end of our lives. How would we remember the time we spent? Would we smile fondly on the past? Would we be proud of our accomplishments?

Robert Jeffrey Blank may not remember his own graduation (you know, head injuries and all) but for those who attended… well, it’s probably something that they will never forget. 

Dan Evon

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