#SheCantBeBae: Twitter Lays Down Relationship Rules


Twitter has some pretty high (and low) standards for a relationship. The hashtag #SheCantBeBae has been trending on Twitter today and the reasons range from a person’s choice of phone, to the way they eat cake, to the amount of curves they have compared to a school desk.

BAE, if you don’t know, is an abbreviation which basically stands for “before anyone else.” Basically, it refers to your significant other.

Now, many people might look for qualities like intelligence, humor, personality, and, yes, even looks, while choosing a mate. Twitter… well, Twitter has a slightly different criteria.

Here are some of the reasons why #SheCantBeBae.


[snd_embed title=”She can’t be BAE if she has an ugly moan” url=”https://twitter.com/KySmoovii/status/461148525662052353″][/snd_embed]

[snd_embed title=”She can’t be BAE if she smokes cigarettes” url=”https://twitter.com/handsomemaam/status/461147451878297600″][/snd_embed]

[snd_embed title=”She can’t be BAE if she isn’t an outdoor girl.” url=”https://twitter.com/kuckfemp/status/461145625015623680″][/snd_embed]

[snd_embed title=”She can’t be BAE” url=”https://www.facebook.com/Loveline/posts/10152395469820909″][/snd_embed]

[snd_embed title=”She can’t be BAE if she looks like a desk.” url=”https://twitter.com/FrankHerrera5/status/461137988932894720″][/snd_embed]

[snd_embed title=”She can’t be BAE if she can’t be lazy.” url=”https://twitter.com/FrankHerrera5/status/461133220525121537″][/snd_embed]

[snd_embed title=”She can’t be BAE if she’s not a nudist.” url=”https://twitter.com/marlena_rinconn/status/461132787731681281″][/snd_embed]

[snd_embed title=”She can’t be BAE if she’s too friendly (what?).” url=”https://twitter.com/rgrover20/status/461137842128031744″][/snd_embed]

[snd_embed title=”She can’t be BAE if she doesn’t like sexting.” url=”https://twitter.com/RecklessChavis/status/461126657823477760″][/snd_embed]

[snd_embed title=”She can’t be BAE if she doesn’t get along with the family.” url=”https://twitter.com/pedritoo_2_cool/status/461118625169309696″][/snd_embed]


What do you think of Twitter’s relationship requirements? Maybe we should add that she can’t be BAE if she spends all her time following Twitter trends. Oh crap, I guess that means that I’m going to be forever alone…

photo credit: Ariadna Bruna via photopin cc

Dan Evon

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