Southwest Captain Tells Passengers Lame Jokes, But We Can’t Help But Love Him For It [Video]

funny southwest captain

Again, this is why we fly Southwest.

Along with perks like free bags and free (non-alcoholic) drinks, Southwest Airlines employees are apparently dedicated to making sure that every flight experience is a memorable one through various kinds of performance art.

Unfortunately, it seems that the self-deprecating stand-up comic flight attendant and the rapping flight attendant had the day off in the above video, so the entertainment of the passengers falls to the captain.

As he waits for paperwork needed for takeoff, the captain goes through a lame dad-joke routine based on the classic TV show I Dream of Jeannie and holy crap, are these jokes real groaners.

But we can’t help but love this beleaguered Southwest captain for trying to live up to the legacy of self-deprecating stand-up comic flight attendant and rapping flight attendant by trying to put his passengers at ease while they wait on the tarmac.

Check it out up top.

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[h/t – DailyDot, Image – Wikimedia Commons]

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