NBA Legend Larry Johnson Calls For All-Black League, Twitter Reacts

Larry Johnson Reactions on Twitter

New York Knicks executive and NBA legend Larry Johnson wants black players to form an all-black league. His comment was made following remarks Clippers owner Donald Sterling is alleged to have made.

On Saturday night Johnson sent out the following tweet:

The former basketball players comments shouldn’t really come as a surprise, during the 1999 NBA Finals between the Knicks and Spurs he proclaimed, “We’ve got a lot of rebellious slaves on this [Knicks] team.”

When asked why he made that comment, Johnson said at the time, “I’ve got to explain that to you? We don’t go with the mainstream.”

Two years ago Johnson was hired as the teams basketball and business operations representative. It is unclear at this time if he is serving the same role under team president Phil Jackson.

Twitter users have been quick to jump all over Larry Johnson’s “own league” tweet.

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We don’t know if what he said is racist, but some fans are questioning his “double standard.”


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Other comments in the past by former players have caused the same type of reaction.


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Many fans have called Larry Johnson’s response to the alleged comments dumb.


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Twitter users are also poking fun at white players who warm the bench.


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Maybe an open dialogue about the lack of black owners would be a smart decision. [/snd_embed]

Do you think Larry Johnson went to far with his “own league” message?

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