Twitter To Let Verified Users Know When Tweets Go Viral


Twitter recently added real-time pop-up notifications to its website, and has began rolling out a “significant engagement” feature to its iOS app.

It’s essentially another way of saying “Your tweet/tweets are going viral,” and is currently only available to users who are verified.

Our friends over at The Next Web caught a glimpse of the new feature (pictured above), and it can be switched on or off by accessing one’s settings.

If a tweet is getting more attention than usual, say many favorites or retweets, the app will display a pop-up notification letting you know, and which tweet is the culprit.

You can then navigate directly to the Twitter app by selecting “Launch,” and an experiment called “AchievementBird” hints that direct message notifications are also coming:


According to TechCrunch writer Frederic Lardinois, who happens to be a verified user, “significant engagement” can also be found in the Android beta app where it’s currently undergoing testing.

While the feature may be exclusive for the time being, Twitter letting the average user know when their tweets are doing very well could be a nice value add.

Mike Stenger

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