Pinterest Launches Guided Search, A Simpler Way To Discover

Pinterest Guided Search

Pinterest held a special event Thursday evening at its headquarters in San Francisco, and announced a new feature called Guided Search.

Rolling out on the official iOS and Android app, when users search for something, they’re provided with several relevant categories to help drill down what they’re interested in.

Here’s a quick video of the new feature in action:

From Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann:

“We are trying to do something fundamentally different. We are trying to provide a recommendation on every single object in the world, whether it’s a beautiful photo, whether it’s a workout routine, whether it’s an article, we want to help you find things that are relevant to you.”

Unlike Google for example that provides text suggestions as you type, in keeping with its visual theme, the social network goes one step further to direct users.

Similar to other competitors, Pinterest sees an astounding 75 percent of its usage from mobile, but Guided Search will also make its way sometime in the future to desktops.

Users can also now create custom categories, and Silbermann says that over 90 percent of Pins have Related Pins attached to them, further enhancing discovery.

Earlier this week, a new report from Shareaholic found that referral traffic from Pinterest grew 48 percent in the first quarter.

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