Instagram Breakup Is Painfully Hilarious

instagram breakup

You’ve probably seen some #TransformationTuesday photos before. Instagrammers use the hashtag to showoff their body transformations. Well, most of the time. Some guy decided that the hashtag was the perfect way to breakup with his girlfriend.

OK, so here’s the story. Apparently CJ (@CJKarl11) broke up with his girlfriend via Instagram about a year ago. The photo was recently shared again and now here we are, pointing and laughing at some poor girl and some guy who was too afraid to break up with her in person.

Needless to say, CJ was a little confused when he checked his Instagram account and noticed that he had 3000 new followers.


[snd_embed title=”Instagram breakup goes viral. CJ gets confused.” url=”″] It took CJ a little while to realize why he had become internet famous. [/snd_embed]

[snd_embed title=”Instagram breakup goes viral. CJ gets confused.” url=”″] But at least he got 3000 new followers. [/snd_embed]


So where does an Instagram breakup fall on the dating scale. It’s well below in person and definitely below a phone call. But what about a text message? At least with an Instagram breakup you can share one final memory together (and with all your new followers).

Dan Evon

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