Betty White Speaks In Favor Of Gay Community In Larry King Interview [Video]

Betty White in Larry King interview

With each new day, different celebrities are speaking up about gay rights. Either popular stars are coming out or defending equality for all. A few days ago, America’s sweetheart Betty White did just that.

During her interview on “Larry King Now,” White was asked a multitude of questions from fans on social media. Most of which were focused on fame, “The Golden Girls,” and the legacy she will leave behind. It didn’t take very long for the 92-year-old TV legend to be asked a question about the gay rights movement:

“What has been the significance of the gay community for your career? And what do you have to say to those against gay people?”

Answered in complete Betty White fashion, “I don’t care whom you sleep with.”

Then she ropes viewers back in with the sentimental side, “It’s what kind of a human being are you. I don’t understand. It’s such a personal private business and none of mine.”

It may seem redundant or annoying to have more and more icons speak up about gay marriage when most are in agreement for equality, but having Betty White give her two cents means much more than any young adult celebrity today. With a woman of her age speaking in favor of the gay community, it illustrates how it is not always a generation gap and reaffirms how saying “things were different back then” doesn’t hold much value. The past is the past and it’s time to look forward. Bravo, Betty.

Who would like Bette White to start being their grandma as soon as possible?

[Photo credit: Youtube]


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