LinkedIn Introduces Two New Partner Programs


LinkedIn announced today the expansion of its content marketing services with the introduction of two new partner programs.

Part of its Certified Marketing Partners program, Sponsored Updates Partners and Content Partners will help companies ramp up their content marketing efforts on the social network.

From the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions blog:

“Our Sponsored Updates partners provide customers with advanced tools, powered by our APIs, to manage their Sponsored Updates campaigns, while our Content Partners provide access to high-quality content to enhance an advertiser’s activities on LinkedIn.”

Sponsored Updates was launched in July 2013, and the new Partners program makes it easier to scale and further optimize campaigns, helping to increase the overall ROI.

According to LinkedIn, during early testing brands saw, on average, an increase on engagement of over 30 percent.

Initially, the social network is working with the following five companies:

  • AdStage
  • Brand Networks
  • Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud (including
  • Unified Social

The Content Partners program is pretty self-explanatory, and consists of companies that are “certified” by LinkedIn.

Here’s the list of current partners:

  • The Atlantic
  • Bloomberg
  • CBS Interactive
  • IDG Communications
  • Newscred
  • Percolate
  • Atlantic Media Strategies
  • Contently
  • Freshwire
  • Group SJR

Last week, LinkedIn announced it topped 300 million users, and the social network has major plans to one day be used by billions.

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