Hashtags Get Their Own Song: “You Only Talk In #Hashtag”

You Only Talk In #Hashtag from Dave Audé vs Luciana is obtaining a lot of online buzz…and why wouldn’t it: it’s a song about Hashtags.

The song was released April 9th, however only started to trend following strong promotion from Perez Hilton.

Hilton wrote:

First we got the Selfie song. Now we have…

The #Hashtag song! And this one is better! MUCH better!

Luciana (of I Like That fame) and remixer/producer Dave Aude have teamed up for a very of-the-moment dance song that’s #superfun!

You Only Talk In #Hashtag is #NSFW and soon to be sweeping dancefloors across the globe!

Although an endorsement that sounds like it’s written by a 12 year old might not seem all that great, through his audience Hilton has in the past turned obscure songs into chart toppers.

Melbourne based radio station Joy 94.9 predicted on air that the song may well climb to the top of the club charts.

What do you think? Does the #Hashtag song work for you?

Duncan Riley


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