HBO Renews ‘Silicon Valley’ For A Second Season

HBO has renewed the Mike Judge documentary comedy Silicon Valley for a second season.

The series, based roughly on Judge’s own experiences in the Valley in the late 80s, documents a group of wannabe startup founders from the moment they find they’re on to something, through to product delivery.


The latest episode (ep3) detailed the struggle of cementing in a name for a startup, along with some of the more “interesting” habits of Sandhill Road VC’s.

The show has been received well, rating 1.98 million direct viewers on debut, a 1.6 million for the third episode. By comparison, Veep, which was also renewed by HBO at the same time according to Variety, has less than 1 million viewers.

As we reported previously, the first episode of the show debuted on YouTube after its broadcast on HBO.

If you haven’t seen it yet, the trailer follows: it’s highly recommended.

(Image credit: HBO)

Duncan Riley


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