Haagen Dazs Japan Announces Carrot And Tomato Flavors On Facebook

Tomato Flavored Ice cream

You might be aware of the craziness that is everything that comes from Japan. When viewed through our Western perspective, Japan seems very strange.  I’m sure it’s not. I’m sure if  I lived there my entire life, things like a J-Pop Death Metal band would seem perfectly reasonable.  Any international company worth its salt knows to tailor its products to each region. This appears to be exactly what Haagen Dazs did with its recent additions to its line of Japanese ice creams.

Launching exclusively in Japan, Haagen Dazs announced on Facebook, new Carrot and Tomato flavors of Ice cream.

If that is enough to make you squirm, you are not alone. In a clear cut case of cultural tastes varying from region to region, the Japanese language comments were almost universally favorable,  but many of the English language comments were expressing disgust or mocking it in someway. Although it should be pointed out, there were a few comments asking for the flavor to make its way over the America’s shores.

Since it was posted, the flavor announcement has been “liked” over 7,000 times and shared over 100 times. But that isn’t what this post is about, what it is really about is giving us all the opportunity to imagine how Tomato flavored Ice cream would taste.

Pretty soon, you’ll be one not-so-short flight to Tokyo from finding out.

Ian DeMartino

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