NASA Wants Your Selfie For Earth Day

Earth Day

Today, April 22, is Earth Day and our far out friends at NASA want you to snap a selfie for the special occasion, but not just any photo will do.

Part of Earth Right Now, NASA is asking social media followers across the world to post their selfie with hashtag #GlobalSelfie while holding this sign:


Simply add your name or username, and write your location directly below (GPS coordinates not necessary).

NASA says it will be keeping an eye on photos posted to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Flickr, and selfies will be used towards creating a mosaic.

“NASA scientists have helped identify thousands of new planets out in the universe in recent years. But the space agency studies no planet more closely than our own. With 17 Earth-observing missions orbiting our home planet right now — and several more launching this year — NASA studies Earth’s atmosphere, land and oceans in all their complexity.”

“This satellite data helps NASA scientists piece together a clear picture of our planet from a scientific viewpoint. On this Earth Day, we wanted to create a different picture of our planet — a crowd-sourced collection of snapshots of the people of Earth that we could use to create one unique mosaic of the Blue Marble.”

Here are just a few #GlobalSelfie submissions so far:

Post by Maria LaRosa.
Post by M.Gustav.

To download the special Earth Day printout for your own #GlobalSelfie, you can head over here and choose from a number of different languages.

Photo credit: NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center

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