Still Mad At Joffrey? Here’s How To Make Peace With Jack Gleeson [Video]


The odious King Joffrey may be SPOILER SPOILER [deadSPOILER SPOILER on HBO’s Game of Thrones, but believe you me, there are still some fans that are having a hard time appreciating the difference between the greatest douche to ever sit on the Iron Throne and the fine, upstanding young man who plays him.

As a character, Joffrey is universally reviled for his cruelty, capriciousness, and complete and utter lack of any single redeeming quality. Some Game of Thrones fans hate him so much that they get lost on the otherwise well-defined line between fantasy and reality and somehow think that Jack Gleeson, the young Irish intellectual who plays Joffrey in the show, is somehow culpable for the actions of his on-screen persona.

Yes, most people can tell the difference, and it certainly helps that everyone who ever worked with Gleeson on the show thinks he’s the nicest guy since Jesus Christ. It also probably helps that Joffrey is SPOILER SPOILER [dead] SPOILER SPOILER as of Season 4, ep. 2, giving fans a long-awaited “HELL YEAH” moment of relief and some well-deserved closure after three seasons of non-stop pain and heartbreak.

But if you’re still hanging onto that Joffrey hate, don’t know much about Jack Gleeson, think he may be at least partially responsible for the evil his character hath wrought in Westeros, and find yourself unconsciously scribbling “The North Remembers” on pads of paper, watch the video above.

In it, Gleeson speaks at the Oxford Union about his role as Joffrey Baratheon on Game of Thrones, waxes philosophical about celebrity culture, and gives everyone a great look at how nice and decent he really is.

“But I don’t get it,” you protest. “How could anyone possible pretend to be such an evil douche?”


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