Ellen Page Gives Animals New Names On Twitter

Ellen Page interview

Sometimes it’s a good idea to get a second opinion. Maybe your animal has the wrong name and you need a new one from someone else, say, Ellen Page. Early Tuesday morning, the “Juno” star’s simple tweet snowballed into a hilarious morning on Twitter.

All of the sudden, Ellen’s twitter followers started sending her pictures of their animals begging for a new name. Her notifications must be blowing up. She tweeted, “Guys this is super fun but I gotta sleep now.” Well, only 7 short hours later she is back at it.

One picture tweet after another, Page has renamed over 24 animals. Mostly dogs, some cats, and so far one hamster. The day is still young, send your pictures ASAP. A certain twitter user disagreed with Page’s efforts, saying, “why would you do that? those dogs spend years learning their names.” Page had the most perfect response, giving this human a new name too.

The best names so far:

  • Carrots
  • Thora
  • Nibs
  • Kubrick
  • Cork Tree

Helen Hunt and Freddie Prince Jr. weren’t safe in this animal rename game.

Stop what you are doing and send a picture of your animal. Any animal. See what can happen. Here is your chance to have a “conversation” with Ellen Page herself.

Fingers crossed that she renames mine:

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore


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