Facebook Commands 53% Of Social Logins

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Facebook maintained its number one position as a social login provider, now powering 53 percent of all social logins, according to new data from Gigya.

Today, the company published its quarterly Landscape of Social Login report, and says Facebook now commands 51 percent share in North America.

Here’s how other social networks compared worldwide:

  • Google+ – 28 percent
  • Yahoo – 13 perrcent
  • Twitter – 4 percent
  • LinkedIn – 1 percent
  • Other – 1 percent

On mobile devices, the trend continues, however, Twitter knocks Yahoo out of its third place position:

  • Facebook – 62 percent
  • Google+ – 26 percent
  • Twitter – 6 percent
  • Yahoo – 4 percent
  • Other – 2 percent

Here are the top three social networks for social logins across several industries:

  • Ecommerce – 77 percent Facebook, 14 percent Google+, 2 percent Yahoo
  • Media/Publishers – 47 percent Facebook, 32 percent Google+, 16 percent Yahoo
  • Consumer Brands – 67 percent Facebook, 17 percent Google+, 4 percent Yahoo
  • Travel/Hospitality – 65 percent Facebook, 22 percent Google+, 6 percent Yahoo
  • Education/Non-Profit – 80 percent Facebook, 12 percent Google+, 4 percent Yahoo

South America sees the highest use of Facebook for social logins at 80 percent, while Weibo takes second place in the Asia Pacific region at eight percent.

From Gigya:

“In Q1 we also saw Yahoo continue losing its share of logins in almost every single vertical and region, a trend that mirrors the company’s recent move to eliminate Facebook and Google/Google+ logins from Yahoo properties.”

To learn more about social logins for the first quarter of 2014, you can check out the infographic below.

Social Logins

Photo credit: Facebook Developers

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