Seattle Boy Scouts Chapter Shuttered Over Gay Scout Leader [Twitter Reacts]

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The Boy Scouts of America has shut down a Seattle chapter of their organization over a gay scout leader who has yet to be removed from duty after his ouster in March.

Geoffrey McGrath, regarded as the BSA’s first openly gay Scoutmaster, was removed by the organization’s leadership last month. The Rainier Beach United Methodist Church (his chapter) has openly refused to remove McGrath from leadership, with the church’s reverend saying that weekly meetings will carry on as usual and that the church will “continue to act as an autonomous church that does not discriminate.”

In response, the BSA has pulled the church’s charter.

McGrath said that he was “stunned” and “disappointed” by the BSA’s decision, lamenting that his chapter’s church “is now being told to violate their religious convictions.”

“It’s unconscionable and irreverent,” he added.

Though McGrath isn’t getting much support from BSA leadership, an overwhelming number of people on social media are defending the beleaguered gay scout leader.

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