Simply Measured Unveils Facebook Insights With Ads

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Simply Measured has unveiled its new Facebook Insights with Ads platform. The new feature allows brands to easily view their owned, earned, and paid social efforts, all from a single dashboard. The new platform also includes the option to export that data with Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint.

In a blog post, Product Manager Lindzee McCain explains the new platforms necessity:

What we’re doing is complex, and it hasn’t been done before. Because of the intricacy and manual effort involved with stitching multiple Facebook APIs (application-programming interfaces) together (it takes one of our customers a day-and-a-half each week!), most social marketers currently report on paid media separately from the rest of their fan page performance. While it’s certainly valuable to understand your paid efforts, page owners have little insight into how it impacts their holistic Facebook strategy. And as Facebook advertising becomes more and more essential to reach your own fans, it’s now crucial to understand the big picture.

McCain goes on to explain how Facebook Insights with Ads can be used by brands:

  • See what performance would look like without paid media: Brands can make better decisions on where to allocate their resources by examining their pages’ performance minus paid media.
  • Compare how organic and paid contribute to overall page health: The “New Posts — Paid vs. Organic” chart allows brands to track cornerstone metrics over a reporting period, while the “Optimization” section provides data on average daily reach and engagement. There is also an “Average Number of Impressions by your Fans” view.
  • Determine when you’re talking to your fans too much: Determine what factors are driving negative feedback, and see whether negative feedback is being driven by organic or paid posts.
  • Identify your page’s most engaging content: Sort posts by engagement rate, rather than number of engagements.

In a press release for the new product Simply Measured CEO Adam Schoenfeld writes:

Our Facebook Insights with Ads report marks our first step into the world of paid social media measurement. We’re now able to show marketers attribution data — how people are finding their Facebook page and engaging — whether through paid or organic interactions. As algorithms on social media continue to change and access is diminished, it makes sense that the savvy social media analyst or community manager would want to see how their paid efforts are augmenting their organic content on Facebook.

Here are a few screenshots from Simply Measured’s new Facebook advertising platform:

Simply Measured’s new Facebook Insights with Ads platform is most certainly a move forward for the social analytics company.



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