Robert De Niro Proves He Isn’t Too Old To Vine, Or Is He?

Robert DeNiro Vine

Robert De Niro is widely recognized as one of the greatest actors of his generation. He has made so many good movies and acted in so many great roles that even when he puts out a stinker, his public perception doesn’t seem to take a hit. But can he keep up with the rapidly evolving tech landscape? Can De Niro pull off a six and a half second long movie and debut on Vine?

It turns out he can, and by poking fun of his age, he can even make it worth watching (although, with Vine video runtimes, videos don’t have to reach that high of a bar to be worth watching). Jerome Jarre, who has 5.4 million followers on Vine and is a judge of the new #6secfilm category of De Niro’s own Tribeca film festival, posted the Vine. In it, De Niro acts perplexed by the video sharing app, before Jearred acts surprised and concerned that the legendary actor has gotten access to his Vine account.

I’m sure Jarre and De Niro would like us to believe that the Vine was spontaneous, and that De Niro really is completely befuddled by technology to the point where he confuses Jarre’s iPhone for his own. But it is fairly safe assumption that this was pre planned.

Since the Vine has been posted, it has been shared (err, re-vined) 36.1 thousand times and liked 137.5 thousand times.

Check out De Niro’s Vine debut below.

[Photo Credit: Rubenstein]

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