‘In Your Eyes’ By Joss Whedon Available For $5 On Vimeo

In Your Eyes

Joss Whedon has published his new movie In Your Eyes to Vimeo On Demand, enabling anyone with five smackaroos to give it a watch.

Yesterday, the film was screened at Tribeca Film Festival, and viewers were met with a surprise after Whedon announced the film was now available digitally worldwide.

Vimeo recently updated its On Demand Service, adding such features as collections of relevant movies, and an easier way to check out all of your past purchases.

In Your Eyes is just one of around 6,000 titles available, and it’s a supernatural love story about a man and woman who can communicate telepathically, but have never met each other.

The film is also available with Spanish, French, Japanese, German and Portuguese subtitles. So far, it’s received 37 reviews with an average rating of 4.8 stars, and here are just a few comments (typos included):

“I LOVED IT! The script is one of the most original concepts I’ve hear on in recent memory and it is executed beautifully. The performances by Zoe Kazan and Michael Stahl-David are stellar. They have unbelievable chemistry. I’m just stunned by the whole thing. LOVED IT!”

“Terrifying in true Whedon fashion (especially the end sequence for some reason). But seriously, up there with Whedon’s best. Absolutely loved it. And cannot express my gratitude enough for the simultaneous International release. For once, the rest of the world is not being treated like America’s poor cousins.”

You can watch the trailer above for In Your Eyes, and to rent it, simply head on over to its On Demand page.

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