Blab Prediction Tool Detects Trending Topics Up To 3 Days In Advance


Blab, not to be confused with the video “walkie-talkie” app from Bebo, has announced a new prediction tool that can see where online conversations are headed.

Called BlabPredicts2, it claims to help brands predict trending topics up to 72 hours in advance, and with 70 percent accuracy. We first reported on Blab back in April 2013, and the startup specializes in social intelligence.

Brands access a special dashboard where they can also monitor competitors, and the tool analyzes one million predictions per minute.

Licensed by Horizon Media, the largest independent media planning and buying agency in the U.S., here’s what SVP of Social Media and Relationship Marketing Taylor Valentine had to say:

“Unlike keyword searches and monitoring techniques that rely on past trends and known themes, Blab gets to the heart of where customers are going, not where they’ve been. The ability to make real-time media inventory purchases on-the-fly, and in a meaningful way really flips the model on how to engage customers, and makes reactive marketing a thing of the past.”

BlabPredicts2 analyzes around 100 million conversations per day spread across all languages, including images and video across 50,000 different platforms.

While the technology is proprietary and under wraps, we get some insight into how it works:

“BlabPredicts uses any topic or area of interest as a seed term that delivers a far more open ended discovery process with more meaningful, non-obvious brand insights. It dynamically exposes, organizes and contextualizes conversations about products, programs and use, then predicts how those conversations will grow in volume and velocity, and where they will migrate by channel, 24, 48, and 72 hours into the future.”

BlabPredicts2 is geared towards enterprise customers, and to learn more, you can go here.

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