Cop Gets Stuck In Taco Bell Drive Thru After Hitting Boulder [Photo]

taco bell

Taco Bell may be too delicious for its own good. A Naperville, Illinois cop was so distracted by the sweet aroma of the restaurant’s new breakfast menu that they forgot they were driving and ran over a boulder.

Well, that’s what we like to think happened. But Sgt. Bill Davis told a slightly different story to the Naperville Sun.

Davis, who said that the incident was under investigation, said that the offer who was driving the vehicle was :attempting to turn around in the lot to check on a vehicle when he over-steered, and drove over the curb and the rock.”

However it happened, the sight at the Illinois Taco Bell was pretty funny.

Davis said that the vehicle has been removed from atop the boulder and has been sent in for repairs. The sergeant didn’t give the name of the driver and would not identify the driver’s fast food preferences. He did say that the internal investigation into the matter was something that happens after all police vehicle accidents.

Davis said: “As with all crashes involving police vehicles, it has been forwarded to (the police) Internal Affairs Unit for further investigation.”

Taco Bell hasn’t commented directly on the incident but the restaurant is aware that it’s food may just be too delicious to resist.

photo credit: drpavloff via photopin cc

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