Michael Alig To Be Released From Prison, Twitter Reacts

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Infamous “Club Kid” Michael Alig — who captivated the hedonistic New York City nightlife scene in the late 90s and eventually went to jail for a grisly murder — is set to be released after 17 years in prison.

Michael Alig became the strange central character in a bizarre whodunit mystery in the New York of the day, eventually found guilty in the blase murder of a sometimes associate, friend, and local drug dealer Angel Melendez — whose corpse lay unidentified for a time after it washed up off an outer borough waterway.

The tale, which later inspired the equally creepifying film Party Monster starring Macaulay Culkin, was even more salacious than most fictional murder mystery, as one post to Facebook elucidates:

Others looked back through an even more personalized lens:

Some pled for kindness and understanding, nearly two decades after the Michael Alig case became national news:

Some on Twitter spoke for those of us who hail from the 90s:

Michael Musto, whose Village Voice columns were instrumental in moving the investigation forward, opined:

Not sure if Alig said this, but in a nutshell:

How did your Twitter react to the impending release of Michael Alig after two decades upstate?

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