Pyro Board: A Music Visualizer For People That Really Like Fire [Video]

Music visualization has been around for at least as long as digital music has, and probably longer. But until now, no one had thought to combine it with mankind’s  oldest invention: Fire. The Pyro Board is exactly what it sounds like, a music visualizer for pyromaniacs.

The Pyro Board was developed by a group of developers in Denmark who use it to teach physics to students around the country. The Pyro board is basically a square version of the pipes that run gas powered bunsen burners. A user pumps gas into the Pyro board and then lights the gas coming through holes in the top. When sound waves are pumped through the device, it changes the rate at which the gas can travel through the holes. The result is something resembling a Winamp visualizer, only with fire.

The device, unfortunately, doesn’t appear to be for sale. As mentioned, it is used to educate students. I can only imagine what kind of legal hoops and certification process this sort of device would have to go through in order to be sold in the United States.

So while we will probably never get our hands on something as cool as this, we can still sit back and enjoy the visual treat it provides. Since it was posted yesterday, more than 260,000 YouTube users already have.

Ian DeMartino

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