Kiss Stir Fry: Flip Kiss Meme Is Funnier When It Fails [Gifs]

Becoming a master of planking is pretty simple. All you have to do is lie down and stay still. Mastering the Kiss Stir Fry, on the other hand, isn’t something that everyone can do.

And that’s good for us internet folks. Because when this flip kiss meme goes wrong it’s pretty hilarious.

The NanFang notes that the Kiss Stir Fry is the latest viral craze in China. And unlike some other internet trends to come out of the east, this one is perfectly acceptable in western culture.

Here’s what you do: Person A bends over with their head between Person B’s legs. Person B bends over and grab’s Person A’s hands. And then you pull. If everything goes according to plan, Person A should flip around and land in perfect kissing position like so.

kiss stir fry success

Unfortunately, this flip kiss doesn’t usually go according to plan. Most of the efforts on Weibo end up looking like this…

kiss flip


…. or this ….

kiss stir fry fail

These guys couldn’t do it and they used an extra person to help.

kiss stir fry

But that doesn’t mean that the Kiss Stir Fry meme is a complete failure. When it works, it’s actually kind of cute.

kiss stir fry

You can check out more Kiss Stir Fry gifs at the NanFang but really, wouldn’t you rather make your own? Please send your flip kiss attempts to @SocialNewsDaily on Twitter.

photo credit: mohammadali via photopin cc

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