YouTube Helps Nonprofits With “Digital Thermometer”

YouTube has been the driving force behind many great charities and today has announced a new tool simply called “Campaigns” which helps nonprofits get users far more involved.

Campaigns allow nonprofit members to set specific goals that they can then broadcast to people watching their videos and visiting their channel. How it works is simple: A nonprofit decides on a goal they’d like to achieve. For example, they want 500,000 views on a new video or 25,000 subscribers.

Once a goal has been defined, they can implement it directly into a video or videos, and the campaign will also be shown in the sidebar of their YouTube channel page. The whole idea is get users more engaged with nonprofits while helping bring more awareness to their cause.

The “digital thermometer,” if you will, appears as on overlay that users can directly interact with. On their channel in the sidebar, you’ll be able to see the progress, how many days are left in the campaign, and even how many times it was shared.

So far, YouTube has over 18,000 nonprofits enrolled in the program. The video site continues to be a great way for charities to tap into a massive audience and bring more attention to issues that matter to them.

Mike Stenger

Lover of technology, Mike often makes jokes that nobody laughs at.


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