Jon Hamm Approved ‘Mad Men’ Spoof Called Don-O-Mite! [Video]

jon hamm

Bravo to ad agency Leroy & Clarkson for this wonderful parody. “Don-O-Mite” is exactly that. This blaxploitation version of AMC’s hit show “Mad Men” lets you see all the characters you love in a different and more hilarious light.

To make a spoof of a show has been done and will continue, but there are hidden gems and you just saw the best “Mad Men” one. Don’t want to take my word for it? Take Jon Hamm’s. In an recent sit down with Pop Sugar, Jon commented that “Don-O-Mite” is his new YouTube favorite.

“It’s amazingly good. It’s gonna explode, because it’s outstanding.”

Ten things that are on point about this viral video:

1. “Jackson Johnson Washington White. What?” (Stop. Dying at the perfection already)

2. Black Peggy’s ‘Jet Black Airways’ pitch.

3. Slim Sterling and this quote: “Is it just me or is this lobby full of negroes.” Awesome.

4. Sugar Hills Holloway. ALL of her. Mannerisms, ascot, cigarette, shade at Slim Sterling.

5. The huge coffee spit after “Kraft MotherF***** Mayonnaise” is shouted.

6. Briefcase pun.

7. 6 foot 2 inches of Black TNT.

8. Of course, Soup Man Campbell’s shouting.

9. The conversation between Black Joan and Black Peggy.

10. The parody promo image.

Leroy & Jackson

Photo credit: 4fatcats4


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