Seth Rogen To Nancy Grace ‘You Are A F—ing Dumbass’

Seth Rogen vs Nancy Grace

Sometimes, you just have to call them as you see them.

That is what actor and noted marijuana advocate, Seth Rogen, did when responding to Nancy Grace’s Anti-weed tirade on Twitter earlier today.

Nancy Grace was going on about a Colorado shooting where the suspect who, according to Police via CNN, may have been on  “marijuana or another drug.” She took this to mean that the devil’s reefer must have been what caused the man to shoot his wife, and went on a three tweet tirade warning us all about the dangers of the drug smoked by millions of Americans everyday and the source of at least 65 percent of Seth Rogen’s jokes (and probably about 85 percent of his fans).

That was when Seth Rogen decided he had enough.

And that makes sense. When someone attacks something you hold dear to your heart (not to mention career) like Rogen seems to hold pot, and they do it in such a fantastically idiotic way like Grace did, it probably pays some dividends to call her out on it. Plus, it’s probably pretty fun and as a comedian, Rogen gets near free reign to say what he wants, its not like he can be fired.

So what did Nancy “hide your children” Grace  have to say about Seth’s tweet? Probably the oldest zinger in show business.

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