Facebook Deletes Islamic Preacher’s Page In Passive-Aggressive War On Terror

Musa Cerantonio Facebook

A radical Islamic preacher has had his Facebook page deleted in what has got to be the most passive-aggressive action in the War on Terror we have ever seen.

Musa Cerantonio, an Australian Islamic preacher with about 12,000 subscribers, was using his page to call for the deaths of U.S. politicians, according to a Guardian investigation. Since you really can’t do that online, Guardian’s justice crusaders () reported the page to Facebook where admins went ahead and bah-leeted Cerantonio’s entire account without any to-do.

Born Robert Cerantonio, “Musa” was a Catholic until his late teens when he visited the Vatican and decided it just wasn’t for him. He converted to Islam in 2002, and at the time of his Facebook deletion, he was the third most “liked” person by western jihadists in Syria.

Outside of various assassination threats, Cerantonio is also known for his advocacy of Sharia Law, but only in Muslim lands, as he believes that “Allah’s Law” is “not for non-Muslims.” Instead, he encourages all practicing Muslims to migrate to lands where Sharia Law is observed.

The Guardian, along with the BBC, are also thought to be responsible for the deletion of a separate U.S. radical’s Twitter account. The two publications reported the Islamic radical, who praised the deaths of British Muslim fighters in Syria, to admins. The un-named radical apparently deleted his account of his own accord later.

You can check out an interview with Musa Cerantonio above. In it, he responds to accusations of being a “radical,” saying that such criticism doesn’t much concern him.

Dusten Carlson
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