Twitter Announces App Install Ads

Twitter App Install Ads

Twitter sees around 75 percent of its revenue from mobile, and in taking a page directly from Facebook, announced mobile app install ads today.

The social network is working with MoPub, one of the world’s largest mobile advertising exchanges, who reaches over one billion unique users and processes 130 billion requests each month.

Currently, app install ads are in private beta, and Twitter is working with such partners as Spotify (pictured above) and HotelTonight.

From early beta partner SeatGeek:

“We’ve been very impressed so far with the performance of our mobile app install campaigns on Twitter,” said Russ D’Souza, co-Founder at SeatGeek. “Our campaigns to date have consistently yielded high-quality, transactive app users, which is more than can be said about the vast majority of mobile ad platforms out there right now.”

The ads appear similar to other Promoted tweets, but instead have a “Download” button that takes you directly to the app’s page to install.

“Combined with the targeting and measurement features in the mobile app promotion suite, this affords advertisers the ability to easily run on-Twitter app promotion via Promoted Tweets, while simultaneously running off-Twitter advertising via the MoPub Marketplace.”

This week, Twitter acquired social data company Gnip, a company it’s been partnered with since 2010, and one of the select few with access to the social network’s firehose of data.

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