Social Media Marketing Tool Argyle Social Shutting Down

Argyle Social

Social media marketing is a very competitive space with every service vying for attention, and provider Argyle Social announced it’s shutting down.

Launched in 2010, founder and CEO Adam Covati spoke with VentureBeat about the tough decision to close its doors effective May 31:

“At the end of the day, it’s a very tough industry. It’s not what we wanted to do, but in the long-term, we could see that we were going to have a hard time continuing to stay competitive with the feature set of some of our competitors.”

Competitors like HootSuite have went as far to create their own R&D team, and just recently the social media management tool launched Marketo integration, a feature that Argyle Social tried using to its advantage.

“We went and talked to a number of likely partners, but we couldn’t find a deal that made sense for both sides. On the positive side, most of [our customers’] legacy information resides in the social networks.”

Covati says it will keep shortened URLs redirecting for as long as possible, and the company saw a number of reactions on Twitter:

However, in death there is life, and competitors are already trying to recruit customers:

Others are reaching out to see how they can help:

Despite the unfortunate shutdown, Argyle Social CEO Adam Covati said “We were in business for over four years. I’m just excited we were able to do this.”

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