Domino’s Fried Chicken Pizza Crust Is A Hoax, Sort Of

Dominos Specialty Chicken

Domino’s announced that it is adding taking its chicken bites and throwing pizza topping on top of it. This caused mass confusion on social media as hundreds either praising or shaming the company for releasing “Fried chicken crust pizza” but, that isn’t what this is, it is just an addition to the chicken Domino’s already sells.

Domino’s executives, if they have no souls, might want to consider making the Fried Chicken infused pizza dough, because it went viral faster than Rebecca Black having music video sex with Miley Cyrus, while singing a Lady Gaga song written by Philip DeFranco.

People are still posting about the “Fried Chicken Pizza crust” at press time, despite a few media outlets reporting on what it actually is, Chicken bites with sauce, cheese and toppings.

Funny, but again, misinformed. As much as I would like to jump on my white (healthy) horse and attack the idea of fried chicken pizza crust, it hasn’t been invented yet (thankfully). Whatever it is, it is available at Domino’s now.

Still, fried chicken bites topped with Domino’s approximation of Marinara Sauce, Cheese and toppings? I’ll pass. Instead, I will call my favorite local pizza shop, get actual edible pizza, likely with sausage, peppers and onions and pair it with some deep fried (bone-in) wings.

That’s how you clog your arteries with deliciousness.

[Photo Credit: Domino’s]

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