Return Of The Mack: Joe Biden Joins Instagram

joe biden

Vice President Joe Biden has joined Instagram, so get ready for photos of his lunch.

The 71-year-old opened an account on the photo-sharing app on April 16 under the moniker “vp,” and quickly gained about 2,000 followers with one simple photo that says it all:

This, of course, reminds us of one of our very favorite Joe Biden memes:

Sing it with me: “Return of the mack (it is), return of the mack (come on), return of the mack (oh, my god), you know that I’ll be back (here I am).”

Joe already has a verified Twitter account which boasts just over 500,000 followers, though it doesn’t look like he’s synced Instagram to it just yet. He joins First Lady Michelle Obama, who is also relatively new to the app, and moderately active herself.

President Obama himself lead the pack of his administration, having joined Instagram in January 2012 (though he hasn’t used it since late March).

What do you think of Joe Biden’s first Instagram photo? Over on Twitter, everyone’s already heralding the return of the mack:


Dusten Carlson
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