Livefyre Adds Commenting To The Content With Sidenotes


Livefyre is a major player in the commenting space, and today introduced a new feature called Sidenotes that brings comments directly to the content.

Traditionally, comments appear at the very end of a post where readers can share their thoughts, but Sidenotes makes it easy to comment on individual sections or paragraphs.

One of the biggest worries with such a feature is the comments will take away from the actual content itself. However, Livefyre has worked around this by attaching a simple little comment icon at the end of a paragraph.

Only when the icon is selected will a Sidenote pop up, enabling readers to leave a comment about that section, and see what other people have said.

Comments include multi-threaded functionality, and readers can upvote or downvote comments so the crap can (hopefully) sink to the bottom.

Livefyre CEO Jordan Kretchmer is calling Sidenotes a “paradigm shift” for commenting.

“While we spent the last few years expanding our platform to be just as much about social media aggregation and curation as about interactive apps, about a year ago we got the itch to re-address “the comment problem.” Except this time, we could do it with a customer base of over 650 of the largest media companies, brands, and publishers in the world, and total sites using Livefyre Comments close to 100,000. “

Publishers can choose to turn Sidenotes on, and Livefyre has also ensured they work seamlessly on mobile devices.

Mike Stenger

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