Yahoo and Vevo Get More Friendly With New Deal

VEVO and Yahoo


Yahoo and partially owned Google spinoff Vevo have signed a new deal that will see Vevo videos on Yahoo more often.

Under the deal reported by Variety, Yahoo will feature more first run Vevo clips, along with earlier rights to music clips.

According to the press release:

Our renewed partnership with Yahoo will bring Vevo’s programming to more music fans than ever before,” Vevo president and CEO Rio Caraeff said in a statement. “Yahoo has the potential to be one of our largest partners, and our launch across Yahoo Screen and, soon in more countries and on more platforms, is a big win for viewers who want to watch their favorite music video programming anytime and anywhere.”

The fact that people still visit Yahoo was not discussed in the release.

Vevo, which came about after the music industry complained a lot about Google, then eventually obtained their own version of Google/ YouTube (the tl;dr is that Vevo is YouTube but not all owned by Google) has become widely popular on social media.

(Image credit: YouTube.)

Duncan Riley


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