Defeating Social Media Overload With Sparksfly CEO David Bankston


73 percent of online adults use social media, according to the most recent Pew Research data, and that number has grown from just eight percent in 2005.

While social networks have been a blessing in many ways, they’ve also become a major time waster and killer of productivity.

Sparksfly, available now on iOS and Android, looks to simplify things, and help you not get lost in a sea of updates. Integrating with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, it learns over time what topics matter most to you.

You can still share posts as you normally would, even to multiple social networks at once, and there’s the ability to create custom “routines” or a feed that only shows you specific content.

We got to chat with Sparksfly CEO David Bankston about the app, and where it’s headed:

What is Sparksfly and how did you come up with the idea?

Sparksfly is an easy to use social productivity app designed to simplify your social media life. It empowers both consumers and businesses to aggregate, filter and engage via multiple social networks simultaneously based upon user selected variables such as topics, people, location or timing.

About 2 years ago, I got fed up with trying to keep up with content on my social networks. I had acquired too many social accounts across multiple networks. Things had just gotten too complicated to manage, I needed to simplify my life. I searched the web/app stores for an app to help me. I couldn’t find one.

Facebook for example uses Edgerank to determine when and what content to display in the News Feed. Is this still not enough?

Edgerank is fine for your Facebook feed. But what about determining content to display across the combination of you other feeds (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn.. etc)? Sparksfly sits above your networks and can give you intelligent ranking across all your feeds.

People say they don’t have enough time in the day, but the reality is social media can be almost addictive. How is Sparksfly addressing this issue and the fear of missing out?

Users who use Sparksfly save an average of 15 minutes a day off their social network time. How? It lets you Tweet, Retweet, Share, Post, Like, Share to email etc. from one beautiful and simple app. Want to follow Music, News, Sports or Celebrities? Just create a keyword routine. The keyword routine monitors your feeds 24/7 to find, sort and save the content you want. It’s available for you to view whenever you select your custom routine.

Where you do you see the app evolving?

Future versions of the app will support more networks. We are planning to add a list of 20 more social networks. We also plan on a Sparksfly business version that includes connections to business networks like Salesforce. Future versions will also allow for brands to sponsor routines and users to share their routines with others.

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