Jon Jones Claims He Was Hacked After Homophobic Rant


UFC star Jon Jones took to Twitter last night to tell his fans that his account had been hacked and that he never made any homophobic comments at one of his fans.

Fight fan Champagnedanii claimed on Instagram yesterday that Jones went on a homophobic rant.

The Instagram user writes: “Jones stalked me on insta through twitter, blocked me & called me a fag 5 times. @AlexTheMauler knock him out.”

The homophobic rant came after a barbed message from Daniel Javid on Twitter.

Jones claims that he lost his phone and that someone hacked into his account and that he wasn’t responsible for the homophobic slurs.

Do you believe Jon Jones? Daniel Javid certainly doesn’t it. The fight fan said that Jones was using his phone to take photos around the same time that he was going on his rant.

If that’s true, it means that someone stole Jones’ phone in between bits, posted homophobic slurs to Instagram, and then got the phone back into the fighters hands before he noticed. Something here doesn’t really add up.

Still, Jones manager insists that the story is true.

[Hat Tip Larry Brown Sports]

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