Kids React To Seeing A Walkman For The First Time [Video]

Sony Walkman

Time machines may not be real, but this is the closest thing to it. Prepare to feel very old.

The Fine Brothers Productions have put out numerous YouTube videos that become popular very fast. Mostly because it’s a specific generation reacting to something out of their norm. In this segment called “Kids React”, the kiddies respond to being handed a Walkman, hilarity ensues.

No surprise at all, this video became a viral hit and has been a top trend on Facebook.

Back in the day, the Walkman was a game-changing portable device with music on the go. To these kids, its archaic technology that might as well be a paperweight. They are stunned to find out you need three different parts for it all to come together and play music!

With just the device in hand, on boy says, “What are you talking about? You gotta be kidding me.”

The amusement continues after they find out you need headphones or you cannot hear a thing. They all had similar reactions: “I think that’s kind of strange… That’s horrible… That’s the worst thing… That’s a rip off.”

Some of the hilarious, adorable, and “make you feel ancient” comments:

Krischelle, age 9: “Are these like the movies?”

Jayka, age 11: “Oh, my grandpa has these!”

Elle, age 12: “I feel so lazy saying this but you have to actually do stuff.”

Let’s all give our iPods and tablets a big hug tonight.

Photo credit: Ham Hock


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