US Airways Tweet A ‘Mistake,’ Airline Claims In Statement

us airways

A US Airways tweet involving a pornographic image has caused foreseeable headaches for the air carrier, and as Social News Daily reported yesterday, the brand has already gone into backpedal mode following the Twitter controversy.

In our earlier post on the US Airways tweet, Dan Evon noted that the image was at least on-brand for the American airline … depicting a woman, a plane, and a sex act involving that woman and the aircraft. Um. Rule 34, everyone. If it exists …

At the time, we captured prevailing social sentiment on the US Airways tweet:

“Yes, US Airlines sent a photo of a woman with a plane in her vagina to MULTIPLE people! How does this happen? Is that really a US Airways customer service representative? How many people are going to get fired? How many people are going to get free flights?”

Since the debacle, nearly 14,000 retweeted the response from US Airways on Twitter, in which the carrier sheepishly tweeted:

Reaction from Twitter users was not entirely of the “offended” sort:

Off Twitter, US Airways’ tweet was addressed in a formal statement, in which the company said:

“We deeply regret the mistake and we are currently reviewing our processes to prevent such errors in the future.”

Above, a pixellated version of the US Airways tweet, which was apparently inadvertently copied in from a tweet sent to the airline prior to the image being posted.

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