Facebook Helps To Prevent Bullying With New Initiative

Bullying continues to be a big issue in the world and Facebook is looking to step up and help out with their new initiative. With October being Bullying Prevention Month, the social network has launched a bullying resource page and is backing a national ad campaign by Ad Council.

The Facebook Safety team openly spoke about bullying today and hopes to inspire others to stand up to bullies and treat others with respect.

[quote type=”large” align=”left”] “For years we have worked to create policies, programs and tools to foster accountability and trust in our community. These tools include a “real name culture” that ties peoples’ actions to their identities; easy-to-use reporting on virtually every piece of content; and an experience for minors with visibility and sharing settings that are generally more restrictive than settings for adults.”

“The page being launched today builds on our commitment to keep people safe online by offering new and existing resources in one convenient location.” [/quote]

Found at Facebook.com/safety/bullying, users can learn more about their self resolution project, how to better prevent bullying such as resolving conflicts, pledge to stop bullying, and learn about non-profit organizations that can help.

Since they launched their self resolution project, they’ve noticed a 400% increase in people finding a resolution and 81 percent were said to have a positive experience when using the resolution tools.

Facebook has also made it easier for users to track the progress of reports they’ve made from harassment to content that violates policy with the addition of the Support Dashboard.

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