This Hilarious Flight Attendant Speech Is Why We Always Fly Southwest [Video]

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We write about airplane drama a lot at SocialNewsDaily, but we’re not really the type to go ahead and make an airline recommendation for our frequent-flyer readers. Just kidding, it’s Southwest. Always fly Southwest.

Why? Bags fly free for one, and for two, they just have … what should we call it … personality.

Published on YouTube over the weekend, the video above shows what is arguably the very best flight safety speech delivered by any flight attendant in the history of ever ever. We could waste time walking you through the video, but that really wouldn’t do it justice. It’s one of those that you just have to watch for yourself.

About 1.7 million already have, and nearly 8,000 have left a like or comment for the video.

It’s practically guaranteed that flying Southwest will result in some form of live entertainment. In 2011, SWA flight attendant David Holmes made CNN for turning the pre-flight instructions into a rap performance (with audience participation). Personal anecdote: I had a Southwest captain scream “LET’S GET READY FOR TAKE-OFFFFFF” over the loudspeaker once, and though everyone around me laughed, I just pissed myself because I’m a little girl who is scared of flying.

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