#Bloodmoon Trends As Total Lunar Eclipse Is Seen By Billions

A total lunar eclipse has social media talking as a blood moon is seen by billions worldwide.

The “blood moon” is a phrase that describes a phase during the eclipse where the moon appears to be a coppery red color.

The eclipse, which is viewable across North and South America, parts of Asia and Australia has twitter talking, with #bloodmoon trending high in the top ten on Twitter, as well as the related term “lunar eclipse” ranking top five on Google.

Some media outlets couldn’t resist in making a joke out of the event, with ABC Newcastle starting a story on the eclipse with “Blood moon an omen of doom?” We’d note though that the story actually appears to be serious, even if the idea of an eclipse being a bad omen in 2014 seems absurd.

Twitter users were in on the story with some creative satire as well.

And yes, the Blood Moon also has its own Twitter account 🙂



(Image credit: CJKindle on Twitter.)

Duncan Riley


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