Philadelphia Flyers Bring NHL Playoff Fight To Facebook


The Philadelphia Flyers will face off against the New York Rangers during the first week of the NHL Playoffs. The hockey players will have to wait until April 17 for their first taste of playoff action but the team’s fans are already going at it on Facebook.

Yes, there are no Facebook friends during the playoffs.

The Flyers sent out a playful tweet today encouraging their Twitter followers to do a little spring cleaning on Facebook.

The tweet redirects users to a Facebook page that shows how many of your friends (now enemies) are Rangers fans. Now, I don’t have any friends who are Rangers fans (go Blackhawks!) so I couldn’t join in on the fun. Flyers fans, however, truly enjoyed the joke.

The Rangers haven’t responded to the de-friending attack yet but goalie Henriq Lundqvuist did post a little haiku about the playoffs.

I’m not a Flyers fan (or a Rangers fan (did I mention the Blackhawks?)) but I definitely appreciate the social media trash talk.

photo credit: Photomatt28 via photopin cc

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