Curalate Introduces Tumblr Analytics


Visual marketing platform Curalate has long supported platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram, and today announced analytics for Tumblr.

Nearly 130 million photos are uploaded to the social network every single day, and now brands can take advantage of visual analytics to improve their campaigns.

From Curalate CEO Apu Gupta:

“A core part of the Tumblr experience involves communicating visually. In fact, a large percentage of Tumblr posts are images with no text or hashtags, making them previously invisible to brands. By applying our unique image processing technology to Tumblr, we are making the invisible, visible and opening the door for brands to better understand and engage current and potential customers.”

Based out of Hebron, Kentucky, modern decor company Design Within Reach says it can closely monitor which images from its website are shared to Tumblr.

From Social Media Manager Lauren Guerrieri:

“We know Tumblr is a popular social platform for design fans, as validated by the data Curalate provides. Now, we can see which products our customers are passionate about and which types of design are trending at any given time. This information not only helps us engage with our fans, but also drives our Tumblr content strategy overall, ensuring we are giving our consumers the information they want, how they want it.”

Curalate currently works with over 400 major brands, including Gap, Sephora and Edelman Digital.

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