Miley Cyrus Instagram Dance Videos #TeamNoBra

Miley Cyrus singing

Miley Cyrus. One name with an infinite amount of meanings. Just two simple words seem to stun young minds all over the world. In this episode of how Miley takes over your social media accounts, she is joined with younger sister, 14-year-old Noah, for two dance videos via Instagram.

In case the title wasn’t subtle enough. Miley decided wearing a bra for these dance videos would be wrong. Seems a little cold in that hotel room.

Video 1 – “Teach Me How To Dougie” or as Miley calls it: “Teach Me How To Noie #turnup.” Only a couple seconds long, most likely due to the awkward walk in from unknown stranger. One can only assume the video would have been much worse, or less liked, if her chest was restricted by tight fabric.

Video 2 – “Smack That” which was used as a pre-concert warm up. Right in the beginning the camera seems to pan to not cut out either Cyrus sister which means there is an actual human recording them dancing. This makes everything so much better.

This is a perfect example of why social media exists today. Fans love to see behind the scenes action before a celebrity performs. Who knew that jiggling boobs would be included for free? Boobs that can be watched again and again. Boobs that can certainly swing in like a “Wrecking Ball.” Miley Cyrus #TeamNoBra

Photo Credit: Melissa Rose


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