Han Solo Himself Responds To ‘Who Shot First’ In Reddit AMA

Harrison Ford AMA

Harrison Ford sat down with the internet yesterday for a fairly candid Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) session and fielded questions about his early life, his movies and what kind of Cheese he enjoys (Manchego)

It took longer than you would expect, but eventually someone asked the actor who famously played Han Solo, the question that has been the source of debates among nerds since the 1997 re-release of Star Wars: Who shot first, Han Solo or Greedo?

Ford’s answer to the question? A frustrating (yet fitting) “I don’t know and I don’t care.” As one Reddit user pointed out, that is what you would think Han Solo would say. But in a more realistic sense, Ford is probably tired of being asked that.

It was George Lucas that changed the now infamous scene when he re-released Star Wars: A New Hope in theaters in 1997. It was also Lucas, not Ford, that invented the Star Wars universe and the Han Solo character. But all that isn’t likely going to satisfy the millions of Star Wars geeks waiting for an end to the debate (and aren’t willing to accept Lucas’ own answer).

Other interesting tidbits from the AMA: Harrison Ford actually likes snakes (in contrast to Indiana Jones) he would be interested in working with Ridley Scott on a new Blade Runner if the script was good, he could beat up Mark Hamill in a fight, and he never watches his own movies. Does that make Harrison Ford one of the fifteen people in the United States that has not seen Star Wars?

The line that Harrison Ford gets asked to say the most?

Harrison Ford Air Force One

One thing I feel should be mentioned is that Ford talked a bit about climate change and his work in Indonesia.

Also, Harrison Ford offered to commit seppuku to make up for the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (not really, he ignored the one question about that monstrosity).

You can read it here and get the short (only questions and answers) version here.

[Photo Credit: John Griffiths , Screen Insults]


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