Nearly Half Of Sexters Admit To Faking It

Sexters, especially women, will fake their sexy texts

A survey of young adult college students revealed nearly half of those who sext (sexters) admit to faking it, lying about what they were doing and what they were or weren’t wearing.

Sexting is the act of sending sexually explicit or suggestive messages as well as pornographic images primarily between mobile devices (smartphones or on social networks).

Using an anonymous online survey, the researchers queried 155 college students at Indiana University – Purdue University in Fort Wayne, who had been in at least one committed relationship – asking about their sexting experiences.

Questions included lying to a partner via text about what subjects were wearing, or not, and what they were doing. Attitudes regarding relationships and commitment were also assessed.

“This [faking it] already exists in face-to-face interactions, like with orgasms it’s common,” lead author Michelle Drouin was quoted as saying in NY Daily News. “I expected people would also be ‘faking it’ in sexts.”

The study, published in Computers in Human Behavior, determined not only did 48 percent of active sexters faked it, but that women were more prone to lie during sexting than men (45 percent to 24 percent respectfully).

According to Drouin, “Women are more likely to fake orgasm than men, for obvious reasons, but more likely to pretend enthusiasm as well.” She further suggested, “Women lie to serve other people more than men (do).”

The majority of sexting fakers, 67 percent, said they lied to serve the needs of their partner in some way – making their partner feel better – while 33 percent did so for self-serving means.

Based on the relationship attitude questions, people who were more anxious about relationships or who tried to avoid closeness were more likely to have lied in sexts than those who were more secure.

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Megan Charles

Megan Charles is a general news and health-focus writer with a background in medicine and biotechnology. Currently she is contributing to Social News Daily and Whole Woman Health. Former credits include Indyposted, The Daily Globe, and The Inquisitr.


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