14 Years In The Making: Time Lapse Video Shows Girl From Baby To Teen

Video Shows baby to Teenager

Every parent I know tells me that their children seem to grow up faster than they would ever expect, but this video visualizes in a way that it shows just how fast it happens. A time-lapsed video called Portrait of Lotte shows one girl’s journey from birth to teenager by combining what appears to be (roughly) weekly video blogs taken of the child from birth.

YouTuber Hofmeester, has done similar portraits before. One of Lotte that ended when she was 13 and one of a boy named Vince that goes from birth to age 11. The first Lotte video, in addition to being one year shorter, didn’t have the best accompanying soundtrack. The new one seems more heartfelt with classical sounding music behind it.

All told, between the three of them, the videos have been viewed nearly 1.4 million times. The latest video looks to be the most popular of the three with more than 408,000 views since it was posted just three days ago.

Besides showing where we all came from to a time we can all remember, another interesting thing about the video is that it shows the gradual increase of verbal skills, from a speechless infant to a chatty teenaged girl.

It certainly takes a lot dedication, on the part of the child and the filmmaker to get something like this done. It will be interesting to see how long they keep it going. The thought seems almost morbid, but if someone eventually made a video like this from birth to death, it could become one of the most interesting videos in human history.

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