LinkedIn Partners With Samsung For Exclusive Galaxy S5 Integration


The Samsung Galaxy S5 launches worldwide today, and LinkedIn has announced the much buzzed-about smartphone will ship with exclusive integration.

Mimicking features very similar to Intro for iOS, which was later pulled due to privacy concerns, users can see more detailed information about a person in the Email, Calendar and Contacts app.

Here are just a few examples of how the integration could help:

  • Receive an email from a complete stranger? If their email address is linked to a LinkedIn profile, see not only their photo, but what they do and where they work
  • Bad with names or new people have joined a meeting? Get a quick glance at everyone, and see their job title
  • Scan through your Contacts, and find out if anything has changed with your friends or acquaintances

Here’s how to setup the Galaxy S5 integration:

“Setup is also easy: simply download the LinkedIn app, authorize the native apps to sync with your LinkedIn account, and you’re ready to view rich information about the people with whom you are interacting, meeting, or emailing, such as their profile picture, job title, and work experience.”

Yesterday, LinkedIn announced a new approach to job search, and how it plans to help users find better jobs where they already work.

Mike Stenger

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